Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle Review



Ovalized Shaft: 100% Carbon Standard
Blade Width: 7in
Blade Length: 18in
Blade Surface Area: 104 / 671
Paddle Weight: 29.5oz / 836 g

Paddle Lengths:
230cm (Product tested in a 2pc, but also comes in a 4pc option)

Make sure you get the proper length for your paddling needs… With a paddle, size does matter😀.

The Manta Ray Carbon kayak paddle gives you more bang for your buck, if not the best bang..

Experts will tell you to buy the most expensive paddle you can to operate your human powered craft.  While I get what they are saying, its not totally accurate.
The Manta Ray Carbon paddle by Aquabound gives you a top level paddle with a price that you can afford.  I was personally looking for a functional paddle, that would keep up the many types of fishing techniques, and bodies of water I fish (Deep sea, offshore, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers) sitting down, or standing up (See video below).  This paddle met all those requirements, and actually exceeded them by far.

Geared towards high-angle paddlers, this very light weight paddle enables you go to farther,
paddle longer, and not have your arms feel like they are falling off at the end of a long day on the water.

The carbon fiber blade is very stiff Carbon abX resin), which doesnt feel like your losing power on your strokes, and with its light weight, you’re going to find  you can actually paddle further.  It’s also very resilient.  I have banged the blades off of countless rocks, used it to push off of rocky shore lines, against logs with no damage that would affect the performance or longevity of the paddle.  Its Dihedral shape enables you to pull your paddle through the water with no flutter, as well as spooned for fast strong strokes.

The Carbon shaft accents the blade, and feels very balanced in your hands.
It has a texture to it, (indexed) that makes it very “grippy” and doesnt allow your hands to slip like other smooth handles. The oval shape makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods. The drip rings reduce the amount of water that reaches your hands.

The TLC ferrule (twist lock, designed by “Bending Branches”) enables the user to set their paddle angle to many configurations with a quick adjustment.

By far the easiest ferule I’ve had the pleasure of using, and very quick to adjust “on the fly”.  With a quick flick of the wrist, youre able to feather your paddle, to whatever degree you need to adjust it to.  You can also choose the 3-Hole Snap-Button ferule, and as of 2013 you are also able to choose the new “Posi-Lock” ferule which looks to be getting very positive reviews.


This is my 4th different paddle I’ve owned (9th I’ve used), and I will admit it eclipses any of the other products I’ve used/tested (Some of which were “considered” to be higher end paddles). The blade design really makes this paddle enjoyable to use, and is proprietary to Aqua-Bound.

Id give this paddle a rating of 9/10

Check them out at  your local dealer, or online at



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