Big Year For CKA Events and Canadian Kayak Fishing Culture!

Without a doubt this has been a breakthrough year for kayak fishing in general. I have watched a ton of our members break out with sponsorships from willing companies. A bunch of guys are really promoting well and growing the sport in a bunch of awesome ways around our country. Our events are really exploding in numbers. We should have over 75 participants in the Border City Classic this year and likely 50 or so in the Eastslope event. INSANE!

New companies are jumping on the boat to help grow our sport and the events are reaping the benefits. Its amazing!

Be sure to have a look at our event posters and websites to see who is supporting our growing sport. If we can support them in return we are solidifying a long term relationship!

It is amazing to see all the new changes in our Canadian kayak fishing culture. There seems to be so much positive vibes these days on the forums and through social media and so many guys are working so hard to help in a ton of ways to make this sport BOOM! What will happen next?


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