Contour 1080p Action Cam Review

Contour 1080p Action Cam Review – By Stephen Laurie (Fishnhound)

Contour 1080p Action Cam ReviewLike most Kayak anglers I found myself looking for a good waterproof digital camera to get footage and shots of my angling experiences.After a bit of research I settled on the Contour HD 1080p action cam.With one touch operation for recording and powering up it suits kayak angling perfectly as typically your hands are busy handling fish,paddles,rods etc.The 135 degree camera angle and the ability to change between 720p and 1080p makes for some great footage as well.As most of my use for this camera was going to be on the water I purchased

Contour Review

the optionalwaterproof case which, after a recent roll over, I can tell you works impeccably at getting under water footage.The camera comes with a few mounting set ups in the box which are more suited to helmets and handlebars so mounting on the kayak takes a little creativity.The camera will take up to a 32 gb sd card which will allow for up to 8hrs of footage depending on the resolution setting.I’ve used the camera quite a bit this season and am very impressed with the footage.The only drawback so far is my ability to edit the video’s but I’m learning and will get better with time

Posted By: Stephen Laurie

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