First Trip of 2013

After a few missed attempts do to bad weather and limits on access points ( Ice Walls to 6 ft in some sections) I was finally able to get out and float my favorite section of the Lower Bow River and for 2 days no less. On day one I met up with fellow CKA Team member Mike Zilkowsky for the float. This was Mikes first time floating the Bow so I figured on taking him from McKinnon Flats to Carseland Weir, my personal favorite section. My hope was that he would hook into some of the trophy sized trout that has made this my favorite float on the Bow for the last few years. This particular section is more known for Trophy Rainbow’s ,20”plus is common., then browns although on this day it was the Browns that showed up. Water clarity was fair but the weather wasn’t. What was supposed to be a nice day calling for 19 degree’s and sunny decided ,like the fish ,not to show up. As this was our first outing of the season we definitely showed signs of rust as although we had hooked into 7 we only landed 2. The best fish of the day going to Mike with his 18.5’’ Brown caught off the banks near the Legacy Island Launch spot where they seemed to be stacked up.

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Four of our 7 hook ups came from that section and I had picked up a 20“ brown there as well only to have him break off while netting him.( I marked that spot for the next days float). I did pick up a small Bow a little later but after having the larger brown on my line earlier it was a bit disappointing but at least the stink was off the yak.


Unfortunately the winds (40 to 50kms) really picked up after that and with it at our backs sent us flying through the afternoon section in record time. As you could imagine casting in those kind of winds become a real chore ,not to mention handling the yaks, so we found ourselves pretty much just paddling through to the Take out. All in all it wasn’t a bad first outing for the year. Definitely had better ,but it could have been worse. At least Mikes first float on the Bow saw him hook into his personal best Brown Trout.

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On day 2 of my first weekend on the river I hooked up with my usual fishing partner, Terry, who was able to have his son join him for the first time in years. We decided to, with a bit of my prompting, to hit the same section of the river. I wanted a second chance at some of the misses from the day before. The weather was almost identical. We seemed to be ahead of the sun until noon and when it did show up it brought the winds with it ( 50kms). I had a pretty slow morning with only a couple hits and no commitments. Terry’s son did pick up a nice 20” rainbow in one of my favorite back channels which as he said made his day.At that point I was starting to think the highlight of the day for me might be the BBQ’d smokies we had for lunch.

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With the fishing being slow to that point I found myself waiting to get to the spot where the trout were stacked up from the day before and when I got there it didn’t disappoint.Although I only picked up one trout in that section this time it was a nice 19’’ brown who put up a uncharacteristically acrobatic fight . I like to believe this was the same brown from the day before, definitely makes for a better story. We each landed 2 on the day which again is pretty slow for this section of the Bow River.

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With the high winds in the afternoon we paddled out with very little fishing on the go. I spent most of the afternoon standing in the Coosa with the wind at my back. I found myself flying through the lower section of the river at record speeds. If I couldn’t fish I might as well sail. Looking forward to my next trip down the river. Hopefully soon…Real…. Soon…..

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