Fujifilm FinePix XP20 Review

Fujifilm FinePix XP20 Review by: Keene Anderson

Fujifilm FinePix XP20

Dustproof/Freezeproof to -10/Waterproof to 16.4 ft./Shockproof to 4.9 ft.

14 Megapixels  5x wide Optical zoom

I received this as a father’s day present from my kids.  I took it out the following weekend and got some great shots with it.  However, I never tested out the waterproof feature and during the following week as my girlfriend used the camera at the beach, the unit had an internal leak and failed.  I returned it with the full intention of getting another model but the salesmen (whom I had known previously), told me that they were a good camera and to give it another try.  Months later, and multiple exposures to test the various features and I am happy with my decision to keep this model.  It was withstood freezing temperatures, being submerged multiple times and the occasional drop.  I can’t speak to the dustproof feature at this point.

The features, buttons, menu and settings are all laid out quite nicely and easily navigable.   I was able to set the cameras time and date as well as explore and understand the menus and settings without the need of a guidebook or owner’s manual.  The unit takes SD cards and has an output port for connecting to PC’s or TV’s.  The battery has a great lifespan and comes with a wall plug-battery charger.

The camera takes reasonable photos with the size of lens and the optical zoom is much clearer in comparison to other digital zoom cameras I’ve used.  The autofocus and auto settings are quite reliable when there isn’t time to make setting considerations.

I have also been happy with the video camera aspect of the unit.  It has taken some good videos underwater and of action fighting fish that have been able to help those who don’t fish experience what I do, have a taste of it.  I would like it if the unit had a higher framer-per-second rate.

There are only a couple of things that I don’t particularly like about the camera.  First of all is the placement of the lens and the proximity to the edge and where a hand would naturally hold the camera.  More than a couple times I have taken a photo only to find the tip of a finger intruding into the shot.  Not a big deal to me unless the shot is one of those that can’t be retaken.  The other issue that I have is that the lens isn’t set very deep into the body and therefore very hard to keep clean.  This isn’t always observable on the display screen which can lead to disappointment when viewing back home on a PC or TV.



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