Harmony Scupper Hole Kayak Cart

I had the fortune of meeting up with Kevin Henderson with Confluence Watersports (Wilderness Systems, Harmony Gear, Bombergear) a few weeks back on the lake pike fishing. We shared stories and experiences on the lake and discussed our love of the new Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Advance Angler. It is a phenomenal fishing platform and stable beyond belief. The only issue I have is moving it around on dry land. I have a strap on cart that I got from Fishing Claus a few years ago and loved it, except it was a pain in the rear to attach to the kayak without a few choice words and dumping the kayak on it’s side a few times.

Kevin asked me what I was hauling my Ride 135 around on, and I said as of now nothing. I was always driving my vehicle down to the water and unloading everything there then driving my truck back to the parking lot. He mentioned to me that Harmony Gear was bringing out a new Scupper Cart and offered me the chance to try it out and see how I liked it.

My first experience using it was this past weekend at Medicine Lake. We reserved a great pull through campsite that allowed for our truck and trailer and my in-laws truck and camper to be parked together. It’s a beautiful lake side lot, with one downfall. It is a 60 foot walk from the truck to the shoreline, with 40′ of that being downhill. There is a drop in elevation of probably 15 feet, so I figured this would put the cart to the test.IMG_2420  Although this doesn’t look bad, this the hill part of the walk to the lake. Nice graveled trail and fairly level, with a few roots. I unloaded the kayaks and gear and started to get ready to try out the new cart, but my gear tester wanted to check it over first and make sure that it would track straight.IMG_3620

Both the poles and rest are padded with foam to prevent damage to the kayak and the tires are solid core foam to prevent flats. It is amazingly light and fully adjustable to accommodate pretty much any arrangement of scupper holes.

My first test was on dry land, it was the easiest cart I have ever used. A simple lift of the kayak and the cart slid easily under the back of it and into the rear tankwell scupper holes. It immediately sat straight and I didn’t have to fight with a strap to try and secure the cart in place. Already I was starting to see the advantages of this cart over my other one. Add in the fact that the kayak was ready to head to the lake in 15 seconds, I knew I was about to pension off the old one.



The cart easily stores in the tankwell by simply flipping it over and setting it in the scupper holes. The wheels pop off so the cart can be stored in many hatches or in the rear tankwell.

The real test was yet to come! I took my strap on cart and attached in to the kayak (fully loaded and ready to fish) while it was in the water, it took 2 minutes to get it setup and another 2 minutes leveling the kayak on the cart once it was on. Then I tried the same cart out once I had the kayak beached, it took close to the same amount of time. 4 minutes and a prayer that the strap was placed right to prevent it from slipping and moving while I was pulling the yak.

Next was the new Harmony cart. In the water it took 10-15 seconds to get it in place and I was walking up the launch with my kayak. I rolled it back into the water, took the cart off and beached my kayak. Putting the cart under it took maybe 30 seconds and I was heading up the hill to my trailer. The kayak pulled super easy and tracked very well.

All in all I would have to say that this is the best cart I have used and with the padded rest to take the weight off the scuppers, I think this cart should be on the wish list for every sit in top kayak angler.

Huge thanks to Kevin Henderson and Confluence Watersports for the great product, this is one piece of demo gear that will be staying safe and sound with me. Keep an eye out for this product coming to a paddling store near you.


Tight lines and see you at the launch.


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