Kayak Fishing Dry Storage Box

Kayak Fishing Dry Storage Box by: Stephen Laurie (Fishnhound)

For a while now I’ve wanted to make myself a large dry storage box for longer floats and over – nighters.I’ve seen a few variations on the pet food container used as a dry box and this is mine.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tube type rod holders
  • 1 kayak handle
  • +/- 2 ft 1/4” bungee cord
  • 10 well nuts
  • 1 eye bolt with 2 x washer and cap nut
  • 4 lashing hooks
  • 1 Pad eye
  • 1 3/8”drill bit
  • 1 3/16” drill bit


Step 1 : Position your tube rod holders,pad eye,jay hooks,eye bolt and kayak handle where you want them.Mark out for holes using a marker or felt pen.Drill all holes using the proper bit.The eye bolt and rod holders will only require 3/16” holes as they will not require the use of well nuts.All other holes will require 3/8” holes to fit the well nuts.

Step 2: Insert the well nuts in all but rod holder an eye bolt holes.Install kayak handle,lashing hooks and pad eye.Then install rod holders and eye bolt.

Finally: Install the eye bolt in the center of the screw off cap.Tie bungee cord to eye of bolt add eyelet post to one of remaining ends of the bolts left from the rod holder and secure with an additional nut.Tie bungee from eye of bolt to eyelet post.




Notes:   Use the pad eye for leashing your,rod,net or what have you to your storage box.The lashing hooks are meant to be hooked to your tank-well bungee lashing to hold storage box in place.Be sure to tie lid to box as shown to ensure your lid doesn’t find itself floating away on you.




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