Kayak Loader

Kayak Loader for Hobbits By: John Gibson (Ouird)

Materials used:
24×48″ sheet of 7 ply plywood (home depot)
1 48″ 2×2 (home depot)
one 13 inch boat roller (princess auto)
1  36 inch 1/2 threaded dowel (princess auto)
Nuts, washers, (princess auto)
some Hi-density foam (knee pad cut up) (princess auto)
2 spacers (princess auto)
some household goop (canadian tire)

Total cost was around $50 for all the materials…

i got the idea from another kayaking site.. cant recall which one.
pretty simple really… as you see……
this really makes it easy for someone vertically challenged or weaker upper body to put a big kayak up on a roof with not much strength at all.

all in total, it took me about 1.5 hours… not including the time it took for the glue to dry.
i made some mistakes on it, but its still very solid.
I doubled up the plywood to ensure it wont break on me.
I cut it to match my factory racks, but i can cut it again to match a new one.. which is my next project.
Hell of a lot cheaper then anything else out there for loading a kayak lol

one thing i did with mine was goop/glue the nuts so they wont come loose.  i made sure to pre-drill my holes too, i didnt want to split the wood.
I also added spacers in the holes i drilled for the dowel, this way i wont grind down the wood after many uses… this should give it a longer life.
I made it so it’ll straddle my kayak foam racks, and so i can use it if i get a different rig (Malone Seawings are in my future).

All in all, this thing is super solid..
I had made one out of PVC before, and it basically fell apart on me after the 2nd time…




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