Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 Camera Review

Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 Camera By: Ryan Anderson (Transplant)

Camera was purchased at Wal-mart for $90. A 1 gig SDcard was also purchased for the camera.
This camera is water proof to 3 meters, but has minimal features. It’s a 10 megapixel camera, it requires 2AA batteries, has a decent view screen, it’s relatively compact, includes a timer feature, but not much else.
Picture quality is seriously lacking. The lens is stationary, there is really nothing for a zoom feature. Picture quality when using flash is terrible. Pictures of distant objects in anything but the brightest sun are terrible, and even in the brightest sun it does not take quality pictures.
But depending on what you need the camera for, it might suit your needs. With a float attached to this camera, you will never lose it, and it keeps the water out even when fully submerged. So when you drop it over the side, you fish it out and take more pictures with it. For taking pictures of yourself from the camera, the timer works well, and the pictures are decent enough (unless you’re really picky). For taking pictures of fish on a bump board, it works fine, quality is plenty good to see the fish and see the measurements.
Video quality is terrible. Absolutlely terrible. It takes the video, it records sound, but really, you can forget about the video function on this.
If you are looking for the cheapest waterproof camera available, this is probably it. If you want it to take your pictures of fish on a bump board, and take your own hero shots from a camera mount and know how to work a timer, then this camera will work for you. And it’ll handle all the issues associated with kayak fishing, main thing being water and accidentally dropping it overboard. If you’re looking for quality when doing this, or want more from your camera, go spend more money on another camera. If you’re accident prone and cheap, this camera might be the one you want assuing you can get over the lack of quality in the pictures you take.
sample pics from the camera
Kodak Easyshare
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