Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Review

Ocean Kayak Trident 15 – By: Nathan Robinson (Rocketball)

In the Summer of 2010 i discovered how practical a sit-on-top kayak is when it comes to fishing and packing for an overnight trip. At the time I only had one kayak which was a sit in type and I was in the process of looking to buy my first SOT. I kept hearing great reviews on the Ocean Kayak Trident model and decided to rent one for 2 days and give it a try. My first thought before i even got into the boat was “Wow look at all the storage space”. I was packing my gear for an over night trip and i just couldn’t get over how much space there was compared to my 12 foot sit in kayak. The model I tested out was the T13 and after 2 days in this kayak I knew this was what i wanted.
Next spring I found a great deal on T15 angler addition. I would have preferred the 13 foot model but settled for the longer T15 because it was such a good deal. My first impression of this line of kayak is that it was unbelievably stable. i could actually stand up, sit on the side, and turn around in my seat with no worries of going in the drink. I even had a hard time actually getting the kayak to capsize in the water and found it fairly easy to through myself back up onto the kayak once in the water. I was however a little worried that the boat wouldn’t be very nimble in tighter areas but its really not that bad considering it is 15 ‘ 8″ long. At first the boat did feel a little sluggish compared to my sit in kayak but i soon found out that this boat was fast and that made up for any sluggishness. The Kayak tracks straight and handles a large chop with ease. I now know why these kayaks are used for ocean fishing because on a river system most conditions are just a joke when in a T15.
I rigged the kayak with a hummingbird sonar unit and the battery bag in the front of the haul works great. Its up out of the way of any gear u may have stored below in the haul and its very easy to get to via the front hatch. Some people complain that the sonar unit if mounted under the sonar shield is a little far to reach which I tend to agree with. However it is nice to have it out of the way when fishing. The internal flush mount rod holders came in really handy when making a custom rod holder. The rod pod is great as well. Giving u a large opening to access any gear u may have stored below. One issue I do have is that there is no hatch to the rear of the hull but there is so much storage space on the T15 that i don’t really need to access the hull back there anyway. However it would be nice and I have thought about adding a hatch myself someday.
The weight of the kayak is rated at around 60 lbs i believe. Honestly when throwing it up on your shoulder to carry, it feels like 100 lbs probably due to the length. However i am only 150 lbs and a bit vertically challenged but with a little effort I am still able to throw it on top of my car. The seat isn’t the most comfortable i will admit, but a $10 gel seat at Canadian tire will fix that issue and u will be able to fish all day long without a sore ars. I really cant find much wrong with this Kayak. Maybe due to the fact that i haven’t tried many other models or makes. However i would recommend the Trident angler model from Ocean Kayak to anyone that wants a great all around kayak to fish from.
Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Review
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