Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 Initial Review (Photos/comments)


I picked up my 2013 boat from Ocean Kayak today, and had a good opportunity to look it over, and play with the features on the boat.  It came basically completed, other than adding the rudder to the stern (which was very easy to complete) and my FishFinder.


My initial thoughts were very positive.  The boats lines, and design are very well thought out, and appears to be very user friendly.  The front flush mounted rod holders will be very useful for the type of Saltwater fishing I do for Striped Bass, and other species.

The seat is very nice, with lots of padding (much more than the OK Trident Angler series), and a high back for good support

The dedicated Dry box holder is fantastic, with ample room to even hold my Pelican 1430 Box.  The massive tank well will hold a lot of gear on board, or if one were so inclined, bring a smaller fishing buddy along with  you on a day trip.


The center hatch will hold quite a bit of fishing gear, as well as your fish finder when not in use. (it will hold/cover up to a 700 series Humminbird Fish Finder).
The Transducer scupper hole makes it much easier to install a transducer, vs placing it in the hull (which will improve the performance).


The Bow hatch is a little smaller than on the Trident Angler series, but you are still very much able to stash a lot of gear for camping trips.  What you’re lacking in the Bow department, is made up in the massive tank well.  And with the very easy to use “ClickSeal” hatch, taking on water is a think of the past.


There are several places all over the Kayak for RAM and Scotty Mounts, which gives you the flexibility to “Mod” your Kayak as you see fit.. some of which are already pre-drilled, and ready for a quick install.  Here is a shot of the Stern (with a rudder shot), and bow.


All in all, you cannot go wrong with this boat, for either Open water (its main target market), or lakes.  Ocean Kayak has done a fantastic job on this boat.


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