On the Hunt for Stripers

I was out today with my good friend and fishing partner Jeremy.

We started out with low expectations, thinking we’d start here, then go onto a lake to go for Bass and Chain Pickerel.  When we drove up, there were a few folks getting their lines wet.  One fella landed a hog of a fish.  We expected overcast conditions with high winds, but it turned out to be a lovely day with various weather conditions.

We Paddled our on our Ocean Kayak Trident 13`s  up River stopping from time to time to throw out some lures.

We ended up in our final spot, and started getting strikes almost immediately.
We both had a few one, and they let go, and thought this was going to be our day…

Until I hooked into this bad boy



I was hoping to have some better video footage, but I only got video from my bow camera (I would a loved to get some from my head cam.


Jeremy landed 2, and had one monster get away.

All and all it was a fantastic day, both of us with Personal best Stripers.

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