Playsport Burton Edition by Kodak Review

Playsport Burton Edition by Kodak – By: Mike Zilkowsky (pikeyaker)

So after searching high and low for a cheap underwater camera that I can mount on the front of my boat, my search turned me to eBay. After searching numerous pages I stopped on the Kodak Playsport. After reading the description and then researching it online, I started bidding. I ended up getting this great little camera for $42.00 plus $6.99 shipping from Ontario. Here are some details on the camera.


Kodak Zx5 Playsport Burton Edition


Waterproof to 10 ft. (3m) – which I have tested at the local swimming pool

Video – Full HD 1080p, 720p 60 frames/sec, 720p, or WVGA (iPad compatible)

Digital Image Stabilization

5 MP Widescreen HD Stills

Shock Proof – 3 ft. (1m) – Have not tested this out yet.. but I will take their word

Effects – Normal, High Saturation, ‘70s Film, Black & White

Underwater Correction

Focus mode – Auto or Macro

Microphone Gain through the setting menu

Share button for easy upload to Kodak Gallery, Facebook, Youtube, Email

Now the bonus stuff…..

When I opened the box I grabbed the camera and played… who needs to look at the charger etc right… WRONG… upon inspection I found that this camera came with the charger (USB) and a HDMI cable to hook it up to my tv… under the cables I found a nice little flexible tripod for this unit, a small case for it and my favourite option ever… a remote control….

I can have this camera mounted on the bow of my kayak and when I get a fish on I just hit the record button on my remote and tape the fight, when I am done.. stop recording to save memory and battery..

This little camera and me are going to have a good time making some kayak videos.

I took it to the swimming pool with my wife and some to get some practice shots and they turned out amazing. Works great and the sealed doors for connections etc stopped any water from getting in. I tried videos before I dunked it and after I dunked it and the audio quality was just as good.

So far two thumbs up from me…

Kodak Playsport Review

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