Ride 135 Angler

Ride 135 Angler – By: Mike Zilkowsky (Pikeyaker)

Ride 135Well I just got back from picking up a Wildy Ride 135 Angler for my brother-in-law. We had the chance of purchasing a unit with a blemish for 10% off, so after some deciding he chose to go for it.

I got the chance to look this boat over before having to give it to him… It is a really nice set up.. Instantly I can see how cool this boat is gonna be for sight casting…

The weight is surprising light considering it is a 13.5′ boat. All the hatches and cupholder are now self draining, it has Slide Trax on the front of the boat for custom placement of rod holders, fish finders etc. These boats come with a Scotty Baitcaster Rod holder on a Slide Trax plate. They are now including 2 large rectangle sheets of the Silent Traction material to fully customize your boat.

The paddle keeper setup is different than on say the Tarpon 120. Instead of 2 keepers (one on each side) they have set the keeper on the left side of the boat but have made an indent on the boat so the paddle cant wander.

The biggest plus to this boat is the ability to move the seat aft if paddling through surf or big waves, moving it forward to center your gavity… or (and this it the big on) removing it completely for a HUGE casting platform.

I shot a quick video of it showing some of the features… We will get a better review of it and rigging photos once it is ready fish…


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