Transducer Mounting-Tarpon 120

Transducer Mounting-Tarpon 120 By: Russ Jones (12footer)

CKA Member Russ Jones (12footer) Shares with us the coorect way to mount a transducer on a 12 foot Wilderness Systems Tarpon.

Finally got my kayak where I want it, this is about the best I could come up with for my style of fishing.

Up front I have mounted a Scotty triple so that I can have a rod holder and a depth finder plus it leaves me with an extra mount for my gps or whatever…all without drilling more holes :P   I also like all of the spots to hang lures, pliers and whatnot… very useful.

I found a grommet that is damn near perfect for running the power and transducer lines through the hull, it has two holes and was easily adapted for my purposes.

The transducer is glued to the hull with marine goop.

This is where the battery goes, notice the velcro

12 volts, 7 Amp Hour battery
Here’s what I put in my box…

The blue thing on the side is a drift sock, one of the most important things IMO.

Thats about it, just wanted to share with you.


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