Trident 13 Fish Finder Mounting

Trident 13 Fish Finder Mounting – By: Micheal (Axor)

Well with the fine weather and not being able to get out for a paddle I thought it was a good idea to install the fish finder and a few other bits

The transducer unit is very easy to fit into the Yak and is held in place by one large nut which is done up only hand tight. The cable installation is a different kettle of fish

A large cable gland was purchased from Home Depot, taken apart it looks like this

The plug on the transducer is a little to big to go through some of the parts of the cable gland so they have to be split to get the plug through

Then the moment of truth, cutting the hole ;D this has to be done with care, to much pressure on the drill and you could end up with another hole you dont want :o

With the gland fitted in place it makes a neat job. The back of the cable gland is filled with silicone to completely waterproof it

Next onto the 383c head itself, following the instructions from the main AA rigging page, marked out the fixing points and centre

Another hole drilled and cable gland fitted, if your doing this remember to slide on the back nuts before pulling the cables through ;)

A word of warning here, the nut on the cable gland is an exact fit to the hole in the mounting plate get the positioning wrong and you will end up in a world of pain and pre drilled holes in the wrong place.

Tidy up the cables on the inside and use self adhesive cable tie holders to fix in place back to the battery pouch

Onto the battery pack, fix an in line 3 amp fuse holder, this is a car type one from an electronics shop which has a rubber cover

Connect the battery, power on and hey presto

In summary, think and think again, measure and measure again, take your time and make sure you have the right tools for the job.

I hope you find this useful


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