X-shot and X-shot Kayak Mount Review

X-shot and X-shot kayak mount – By: Jeff Goudreau (JeffGoudreau)

Back in the fall of 2008 I approached the mono-pod company X-shot to discuss the possible research and development of a kayak mount for their existing product the X-shot 2.0. I loved the idea of being able to quickly take self photos by extending the mono pod off the kayak. The company embraced the idea and began developing what is now the X-shot kayak mount and 2.0 combo. I have been field testing this mono-pod and mount now since and can give a great accurate review for anyone interested in the purchase of this product.


First off, the 2.0.
The 2.0 is retailing in Canada for about $30 CAD plus shipping. The make up of this is an extendable tubular arm with a plastic mould insert that is glued into the end of the tube to hold your point and shoot camera. There is a small wrist lanyard attached securely through the bottom non-slip grip handle. Have you ever lost a golf ball in the course lagoon and had to retrieve it with one of those extendable tools with the spiral ball snagger on the end? It is very similar to this product. The head of the X-shot is a simple hinge with a platform to screw into your camera. All plastic except the actual machined screw. There is also a tightening and loosening piece to force your camera to stay in the position you want it.
The 2.0 can be used alone without the kayak adapter fairly easily and in some cases more productively. Attach a small buoy to the x-shot lanyard and throw it anywhere on the kayak till its needed making it a pretty reliable means for taking self photography when your trophies are landed.
Full reach for one of these is 37″. A normal point and shoot camera mounted on the 2.0 at full extension or close to it takes a good picture of most fish under 30 inches. After that it may take some adjusting of the head to get the camera into position for a good shot. Sometimes I give up and let the fish go due to worrying about its health.
Pros….Its cheap, light, compact and with buoy does the trick.

Cons….Its cheap, light and can’t handle larger cameras. saltwater destroys it unless constantly maintained. Also the tightener on the head is made from plastic and is not always able to tighten to the point where you can feel it will stay where you want it. An active angler will go through one of these every 2 seasons.After a lot of use you will get one of the extension tubes kinking out causing a weak point and after that you are forced into being careful or purchasing a new one. Alternative is losing the camera. But it takes a bit of use before this occurs.

X Shot Review

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